FIRE PISTON – Hand Machined Black Anodized – Unique Fire Starter Tool For Hiking And Camping Price: 80,00 (as of 23/01/2021 04:02 PST- Dettagli)



The Fire Piston is unique fire starting tool whose origins can be traced back to the mid-1700’s. It uses the heat generated from rapidly compressing the air to ignite piece of tinder, which can then be used to light kindling. very effective tinder to use with the Fire Piston is charcloth, which lights easily and give you nice glowing ember that can be transferred to some dry grass or other kindling. Each Fire Piston body is machined from solid piece of 6061 aluminum, with brass end caps on each end. There is also small liquid-filled compass proveniente da one end and lanyard made from 550 FireCord from Live Fire Gear. The lanyard bead is also machined from solid brass. This variant has black anodized body with stainless steel piston with built-proveniente da ferrocerium rod proveniente da the end-cap and striker milled into the piston shaft for use as an alternate means of getting fire going. These Fire Pistons are built to last lifetime, and are great for any or hiking pack, emergency pack or “go-bag”. They also make great gifts for your friends and family that are always to shop for! These may take up to two weeks to go obsoleto depending on if we have the anodized pieces proveniente da blocco or have to have them done. Dimensions: Diameter: 0.732″ Length: 4.78″ Weight: 5.3oz. Handmade by my collaboratore and Essi proveniente da Centerville, Utah – these are not mass produced, di poco valore Chinese junk! If you are looking for that, then aspetto elsewhere, as there are plenty of other di poco valore listings made from some unidentifiable Chinesium metal that will be sure to not impress you. SHIPS FROM THE U.S. – ADDITIONAL CUSTOMS FEES MAY APPLY

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